Friday, November 11, 2005

TA/GAs on Strike

New York University - up-and-coming institution, aspirations of Ivy League. Of course, the decision that they had been forced to swallow some years ago that ruled that their graduate teaching assistants were, in fact, doing WORK when they taught undergrads [hours each week in class, answering emails, meeting in office hours, and grading papers and exams - sound like work to you?] in addition to their own academic courseload was a decision they were quick to vomit up when given the chance.

So - now, the grad students are on strike. This means: if the university won't recognize them as workers, they won't engage in the activities that are, in fact, work for the university.

That's the Graduate Student Organizing Committee, organized through a UAW local.

In the best valuation of academic freedom and intellectual honesty, which the university insists having a union restricted, the administration of the university inserted overseers into the virtual classroom program - demonstrating their great faith in those grand values espoused above.


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